Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas! Smiles, Hugs & Kisses

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Toadstool Rattles

I'm so into Toadstools right now & loving my new creation. How neat are these little handmade Toadstools.

Down at the Twospoonfulsofsugar farm, I've been playing with a few of these guys. I don't have a sewing machine though so its a long procedure “handsewing each stitch" - "I am on the look out for a cheap sewing machine, so I can experiment a bit "faster" though.

So...a few of my lovely friends are about to be mummies or are going to be “newbie mummies” and I wanted to give them something special that I have handmade but also relates to babies of course and me and cuteness and smiles. So the idea popped into my head... a Toadstool Rattle would be a very cute idea.

Here are a couple of my finished pieces. They have little bells inside so they go ding, ding, rattle, rattle when they are shaken... I could'nt resist poking them in the garden this afternoon for a quick little photoshoot to share with you all to enjoy and inspire.

It's day 9 - We're off to dee market

We are so looking forward to this Saturday 11th December. As we have been specially invited to attend Billycart Markets "christmas market". Its the "much talked about" specialised handmade for little people aged (0-12years) Markets. Located on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney at Lakes Parish Hall, 21 Lagoon Street, Narrabeen. Sydney's only 100% handmade market.

This is also going to be our last market before christmas so if your up Narrabeen way and/or at the markets pop by say Hi...and/or pick up some of our christmas products for a fun'n'furry crafty christmas for the kiddies!

As well as having a stand there, I can't wait to get all my christmas shopping done for all those little kiddly -winks in my life too, I think they are going to be extra spoilt to pieces this year.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Featured in Greetings & Gifts Magazine Top 5 Gift (Nov/Dec)

A very exciting time for us, as our Christmas (frog) Make-me Greeting Card Craft Kit has been chosen in the Australian Greetings & Gifts Magazine "Top 5" Gifts for November/December (Christmas) 2010.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whats your preference? A Santa Dog or a Rudolf Dog?

We so love having abit of fun over here.... Featured is Fritz: who has taken to the Twospoonfulsofsugar catwalk modelling a mini handcrafted Santa Hat and Antlers embellished with ribbon and a jingle bell. (All characters from our farmyard range are dressing like this too for the silly season.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wrap-up of the Sydney Children's Festival's Fun'n'Furry workshops

Fun'n' I mentioned in earlier posts these last two weeks I have been having loads of fun running a few fun'n'furry storybook making workshops at the Sydney Children's festival at CarriageWorks. To be honest I think I had just as much fun as the kids did, and....I think a few parents/grandparents enjoyed themselves, just a wee bit too!

My fav part after making the storybooks with the kids, was watching their imaginations kick-in. One of the parents said to me "listen"...I stopped, watched and listened....the room went from laughter and chatter to sudden silence as the kids thinking caps clicked-on as they begun to create their stories and illustrations inside their books.

we had a : mooey, cleo, butterfly, thomas....the list goes on.... and the story writting and illustrations were so very creative in both workshops. Everyone went home with a smile on there faces and I think a wee bit exhausted from an action packed day at the festival. I bet they all (even the parents) slept well that night.

In my case "pictures speak louder than words", so.... here are a few snap shots taken from the fun'n'furry dog and cow storybook workshop!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Start. During. Halfway through the SCF

Just got home from our first workshop at the Sydney Children's Festival....and it was an entirely SOLD OUT event. Woohoo! The imagination packed, fun'n'furry frogs and horses storybook workshop had some very inspiring up and coming (artists) what creative talented kids. The energy and hype from those kiddies must of rubbed off on me..I am buzzing! Was so much fun!!!

My silly camera died so missed out on capturing the energy and fun. Will make sure my camera is fully charged for next weeks workshop, so we have some pics to share with you guys, but hey if you have kids book them into our thursday workshop it is granted fun. Im just excited!!!

I also went along to the "Sneak Peak" opening day of the Sydney's Children's festival on Saturday! So much Fun to be had! WOW-Giant Babies, Tweeting Plants,Typewriters that letters turned into flying bugs....and heaps more fun things....Shame my little mate (who was ment to be coming along with me) was sick and could not make it along (hope she is feeling better now)
So the festival officially started on Monday. We ran our storybook making workshops this thursday (30th Sept) and next thursday (7th Oct) don't forget to book, you can book through the Sydney Children's festival website here

If you know of anyone with kiddies in Sydney, highly recommend going along to the festival a load of imagination, creativity and fun and there is loads of free things too! So a cheap day out. I wish I had little ones to take along to join in and enjoy all that fun.

x Sheryl

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bounce the Frog

Nellie the Horse

Friday, September 10, 2010

Workshops at the the Sydney Children's festival

The Sydney Children's festival says - Its a storybook dream come true - and so it is.
With only a few weeks to go to the festival – I thought I would post a couple of sample booklets up here on my blog – to show you what we will be making at the fun'n'furry storybook making workshops.

The festival sounds like its going to be a “fully fun packed” event (wish I was a kid again) with performances from Erth's baby dinosaurs, Grug, Taronga Zoo....and more. Some of the other fantastic workshops include: Acrobalance circus, Cartoon Character designing, Compost Creatures, Costume Making...etc see the full list of workshops here. There's going to be storytellers and loads of other free activities to choose from, for 2 whole weeks!...... Defiantly a gigantic artistic playground of fun!

I am going to be running two workshops – where you’ll be the author of your own self made book, you will learn how to make a fun'n'furry (farmyard animal) dog, cow, frog or horse storybook using Twospoonfulsofsugar's original designs, environmentally friendly card, faux fur fabrics and embellishments to make your animal unique - then bring out the writer in you and write your own unique story.

Workshop 1 is on Thursday 30 September 2.00pm – 3.30pm, you will have the choice at making a cow or a dog storybook

Workshop 2 is on Thursday 7 October, 2.00pm – 3.30pm, you will have the choice at making a frog or a horse storybook

So at the end of the workshop you’ll have a handmade storybook to take home and cherish.

Sign up/ book a workshop, before they all sell out! (via Sydney Children's Festival) click here

- - - -
If you know of a school, festival, library, children's play centre etc...that you think would be interested in running one of our storybook making workshops or christmas greeting card workshops in the upcoming school holidays please contact me or leave a comment below. Ta. Sheryl.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It’s a storybook dream come true!

It’s a storybook dream come true! Twospoonfulsofsugar is excited to be running fun 'n' furry storybook making workshops at the 2010 Sydney Children's festival.
Sydney Children’s Festival is a gigantic artistic playground packed with things to do, nooks to explore, and new stuff to get stuck into. Two weeks of stories, arts, crafts, creatures, characters, a little nonsense, and most of all, FUN, PLAY and CREATING.
Sydney Children’s Festival is on from 27th September - 9th October 2010 (during school holidays) 10am-4pm Monday - Saturday (will be closed on sundays)
For more info on the festival, performances, activities and workshop details click here

part two: melbourne. craft cubed - craft and design as a career.

craft cubed.
So for the following day my good friend michelle and I carried on being inspired by attending Craft Victorias – Craft Cubed seminar on Craft and Design as a Career. Which was a fantastic educational seminar with some fab speakers.

Craft Victoria’s annual festival Craft Cubed is a highly participatory event creating space for practitioners and the public to engage with contemporary craft. The 2010 festival theme of ‘childhood’ is intended to inspire people of all ages, especially the young at heart! Have a look at the rest of the events/seminars and exhibitions for Craft Cubed - it runs till the 4th of September

Rhiannon Hardingham owner of I dream a highway spoke about selling your work through a retailer and offered some handy tips I thought I would share here.

# General retailers pricing is 100% + GST (if you sell your product for $50 - a store would sell it for $110)
# Price points put thought into your pricing – retailers will round it up, so make sure you get the reward and work your price on the 100% accurately.
# Consignment vs wholesale an interesting point was made. Seasonal buying does not apply to consignment so you can keep stocking your shelves. Whereas wholesale they will just say sorry we are not taking any more orders or we have spent our budget for this season contact us again in 3 months etc...

Approaching stores
# General Rule Only stock one store in each retail precinct (postcode area)
# Email (good quality) photos and a brief description/ introduction (include pricing details and info on where you stock and sell your products already)
# Dont rely on Etsy (or similar) to show case examples of your work
# Make an appointment (don't expect to just rock on up to a store to show off your products)

Rhiannon so nicely shared some fab craft retail stores around melbourne areas to consider contacting:
Fitzroy Meet me at Mikes, I like you, Thread Den, Incube8r
Northcote Humming bird 60, Manque & Lupa, I dream a highway
BrunswicPussyCat BlackMonk HouseOkOk, The Curious Kitten
North Melbourne Kids in BerlinThread Den

Lara Olsen and Yann Burden spoke on models of environmentally sustainable working environments and craft practises. How to make your product more sustainable.
# Is there a more efficient way to make your product?
# How much energy do you use?
# Turn your appliances off when do in use (if the light is shining, energy is still be used - pull the plug out of the wall)
# Are your raw materials recycled?
# Is there a closer source or can you get your materials from a local supplier?
# What about recycled packaging - How bout no tissue paper, no foam pellets
# Advise your customers via your website to show how environmentally friendly you and your craft business is trying to be

Melissa Loughnan director of Utopian Slumps shared some insight behind gallery representation and  some encouraging words:
# Don't be afraid to represent yourself
# Have faith in yourself and keep going, one day it will work out
# Be apart of a group – show involvement - blogs and galleries will gain interest.

Grace McQuilten founder of The Social Studio  captured the audiences attention, by wowing us with the studios outstanding accomplishment. Sharing how she and her team continue to create a social enterprise through empowering young people to achieve their dreams via fashion through community engagement and social inclusion. I was hoping to visit there cafe while in melb but sadly ran out of time (on the list for next time for sure). Keep up the great work Grace and team!

Jo Walker Editor of Frankie Magazine spoke on maximising your exposure through the media . Jo had some really helpful tips (read carefully some awesome pointers)

Press releases
# When to send one think 4-6 months ahead (so if you want to be in there christmas issue - send them your press release Now! July/August)
Be aware of print dates - most mainstream magazines have there print deadlines on there websites (Plan and check so you don't miss out)


Press release check list, what to include.
# Allow 2-3 paragraphs (needs to be well tailored - you might need a copywriter to write this)
# Embed clean clear (professional photography) with white backgrounds low res images into your email
# Your real name
# Your business name
# Dates of Event
# Contact details (address, phone, email, website)
# Price of your product
# Stockist details

Things to consider when writing your press release
# Is your product locally made?
# A new design?
# Are your materials organic, recycled, made in australia, fair trade?
# Don't make the journalist/editor/stylist have to guess what your product is, be clear and straight to the point
# Whats your unique selling point (UPS)?
# Whats your story?
# Tell your story - what/who inspired you?
# Add an element of your personal background

Once you have sent out your press release... other things to consider...
# Have high res pics with clean white backgrounds for easy use in all media from local newspapers/marie claire. (make sure you have high resolution images on file in case you are contacted by a journalist, editor or stylist) 
# Have product ready to send out (some stylists will want to shoot there own pics)
# Once your product is in the media, you will probably be inundated with orders (make sure you have lots of product)
# Have a fully functional updated website
# Remember to be as personal and authentic as possible this adds more value to your product


Lucy Fegins from the Design Files added to what Jo spoke about and recommends:
# Target stylists – (send samples) send it like a gift, be friendly
# If your targeting mainstream press - know there readers
# Be friendly with your stockists and keep them up to date.
# If you do get press – inform your stockists
# Fill orders when they start rolling in! (don't let your stockists get grumpy)
# Blogging is Cheap, Online and Present
# Form a relationship with media and customers by giving them an insight into your world
# Be flexible and think laterally – is there another way to tell your story?

Wow..So there is a lot of info there. We had one more speaker Stephan Banham from Letterbox who spoke about graphic design and branding. I might cover this topic in another blog post further down the line though since that is also my background.

Time to now digest all this great info! I think this is enough for the moment! Enjoy everyone!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

part one: melbourne. chai. trade fairs.

I have recently returned from melbourne and after being stuck in bed “sick as a dog” since I returned I thought while im not up for doing much “actual work” I thought I would blog a little about my adventure and re:live some of it. Share with you guys a few important & prob no so important bits.

Half work/half play? To me this type of trip is all play...specially while getting inspired by melbourne, its sites, surrounds, visiting trade fairs and going to seminars on design.

So firstly...Lets have a chai! If you live in Melbs already or are visting and love a nice spicy chai head to Baker D Chirico on 149 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda...OMG best chai ever soooo deliciously spicy (I was told the lemon donuts are a big hit too (but they were all sold out by the time we arrived tho at 10:30 am)

I visited the LifeInstyle/KidsInstyle/FirstInstyle Trade fair. Twospoonfulsofsugar took part in the “new designers section” of Reed Giftfair last year and I wanted to compare the 2. We were meant to be in KidsInstyle this year but due to circumstances we were unable to attend. However I still wanted to go along and absorb the atmosphere and chat to other industry professionals.
So LifeInstyle is great for designers wanting to attract the boutique giftware retailers. I personally love the vibe of LifeInstyle and think its a great step forward if your ready to take your: jewellery, t-shirt, art, design, product, fashion, accessories, stationery, toy, craft, giftware business into the retail market!
Doing trade fairs - It's a great step for any new or existing business, to reach out to your designated retail outlets and customer base across the country and aboard. A trade fair is designed for designers to be in one location and the retail shops come to you. You have your “product on show” but dont sell off your stand - you do take orders (wholesale) directly off your stand tho, but dont sell directly to “public” say like at markets.

From experience: It truly opened my eyes and emerged Twospoonfulsofsugar into a whole new platform.
If your interested in doing a trade fair have a look at Lifestyle and Reed to pick which one is best suited for you and your business. They are run twice a year in the major cities in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) one at the beginning of the year around Feb/March and one in August/September (for buying for christmas) I highly recommend doing them.

Some of my fav things from the Melbourne LifeInstyle/KidsInstyle/FirstInstyle show were:
# Furry Monster bags and DingaRings (as pictured) for kids by O.B Designs

# Very funky Paperself eyelashes (as pictured)' how fantastic are these designs” I was like “you should be wearing these, im sure the sales person would of tripled her orders if she was these are so cool!

# Funky Stools from Ici et La

# I have a soft spot for typography and there was a few stands with some fab typography products PonyRider had these fab Players Welcome cushions (as pictured), quilts etc .. For some other very cool type related products check out Make Me Iconic

#I defiantly had my “I want-I want-I want” down to a fine t at the Pigeonhole stand, so many great products “everything is awesome”! Special love goes out to Pigeonholes; Louwellyn, Lou Mini and Richelle Bags, WoodLove Cards, Crumple Cups & those oh so cute dimple rings (even the name sounds cute)

# Design products with clever, quirky ideas behind it go to check out DesignforUse - I still cant decide what my fav thing is but the flower nails are a pretty cute idea, and the drip drop hanger and I did love those wine lights (as pictured).

I could go on and on actually so im just going to list a few other websites to checkout but there were oh so heaps more incredible/ talented designers I just can not list the whole lot or I will be here forever; Loop, (Fav Bags) Louenhide, Little Lamb tales, Tmod, Fermliving

The Reed Giftfair in Sydney is coming up in September 11th-14th so if your thinking about doing a trade fair next year I highly recommend registering and going along for a nosey.

Ok I got a little carried away and side tracked but after a day of being inspired by all the great “designers” who would not get carried away? I hope I shed some light for any newbies thinking of doing a trade fair.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

be kynd – make someones day

So often in our busy live's we often over look the ones around us and our generous, caring, kind-selves. Our lives could be happier and more fulfilled if we were more caring.
Our days, weeks, months and some times years are taken over and sometimes we take others and our selves for granted.

So this is me doing my bit, sharing with you a few tips on helping make the world a nicer, happier place for us all to live. If you feel good and the people around you feel good - then share it, share a warm smile with someone! and if you don't feel good - do it anyway, smile at someone and i'm sure your smile will not go unnoticed (a smile is infectious remember)!

There are plenty of people out there who don't feel as good as you and are in need of a smile.
By sharing a “ genuine” smile with a loved one, a stranger or showing your appreciation to someone for something they have done! Would mean more to them than you think. Showing that you care, makes the world of difference and sometimes even saves lives.

I thought I would share these helpful "random acts of kindness" tips you could try. so you can act on a random act of kindness today.
# Get back in touch with your neighbours or old friends you haven't seen in awhile, pop by and say hello, even for 5 mins for a friendly catch up. Or if you have new neighbours pop over and introduce yourself say hello, if you would like to make a real impression (bake some scones, cookies and make a afternoon tea moment of it or pick some flowers to share) it might even benefit you somehow!

# Feel out of touch with friends/ family/ community...Do your bit to get back in touch with them.

# Loneliness is not a special event, it happens every day. Receiving a nice card or hand written letter in the mail is a big deal. - it shares a smile & warms the day and sometimes is the highlight of your grandparents week!
# Offer to give someone a helping hand. (this is an (old) but great ad, made in New Zealand for Mitre 10! "Its just nice to help out its in our DNA!"

# If a friend/colleague/partner has had a hard day, be a great friend/partner and offer your listening ear, to talk it over. Talking about a problem half's its weight. Take them out for a coffee or plan to meet up on the weekend for a walk at the beach or park.

# Send a funny card to your partners/friends work with something special written in it, It will make them smile and remind them that you still love them, and still enjoy having a bit of playful fun in your relationship.

# Write a thank you note to your child’s teacher. It will make her/his day, and it would also probably benefit your child. This is also a nice thing for your child to do, teaching your child to show there appreciation, encourages kindness.
.......and.....don't forget to cherish you too! Do something that makes you smile occasionally also! You deserve it!

If you have any “be kynd – make someones day” moments, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

have a lovely day and don't forget to SMILE! x Sheryl

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So the lucky winner is...

Congratulations Vanessa you are the lucky winner of the 2x Twospoonfulsofsugar Make-me kits (If you could contact me directly with your postal address and preferred 2 kits - I will pop them in the mail)

So sad but true..

Thanks everyone for your entries to our Stitches & Craft Show GIVEAWAY sad but true i've just been informed the Sydney April Stitches & Craft show has now been cancelled - so "no tix prize sorry" :(

BUT INSTEAD.... Ive decided, cause of this news I will still put all the names in hat anyway and a lucky winner will be "sent a couple of free twospoonfulsofsugar's make-me kits! :D

So you can still enjoy some happy crafting! (Prize - will be drawn end of today)

If you do want some craft action and want to stock up on some Twospoonfulsofsugar Make-me kits and/or some of our fun and furry greeting cards, we will be at Eveleigh Artisans market this Easter Sunday (4th April 2010) So if you are around please pop by say Hello! :D

x x Sheryl

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Only 3 weeks to go!

G-wiss guys – where does the time go – Its flown past super quick. I can't believe there's only 3 weeks to go till the Sydney stitches and craft show – My to do list keeps filling up with more and more. And the design work has gotten really busy too so juggling 2 business's is keeping my hands very full! But its going to be all worth it! Super excited! Once again am so looking forward to seeing all my fellow crafty friends and meeting some new ones.

Remember our giveaway - The prize of 2x tickets to the Stitches & Craft show and 2x Twospoonfulsofsugar craft lab vouchers get drawn this wednesday 31st of March! So to be in with a grin – Leave a comment on our giveaway blog post or on our facebook fan page or tweet "I wanna win Stitches & Craft show tix and a fun and furry card class from Twospoonfulsofsugar" @sharessmiles"

You just might be the lucky winner!

Friday, March 19, 2010

go the paddle steamers - full steam ahead!

Ok so kayaking and raising money to help charities isn't for everyone. But I believe its worth the effort especially when its for such a great cause such as making a difference to a child in need and there family - to share a smile and make life easier.... Lifestart supports children with disabilities and their families to achieve a better quality of life.

Lifestart Kayak for Kids is an inspirational paddling challenge on Sydney Harbour. It raises funds for very special kids aged from birth to school age who have an intellectual disability or developmental delay. These include conditions more widely known such as Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder to much rarer genetic disorders. Lifestart provides early childhood intervention services to ensure these kids have the best possible start in life.

On Sunday 28th March Lifestart Kayak for Kids is taking place, it's a 17.5km course running from Blues Point to Clontarf in four stages of approximately 4.5km.

So to boost myself with abit of exercise at the same time as to share some smiles with some kiddies and there families. Ive joined a team of 12 - were called "The Paddle Steamers" and between us are kyaking Lifestarts - Kayak for kids event.

Our goal is to reach $5000 in donations, its a high target but certainly worth a try. If your feeling the love please help us reach our goal by donating to our team for this worthy cause (even a gold coin will be worth more than u think) Feel free to come along be our sideline cheerleaders too!

Training this Sunday at Manly! Love it!

Thanks in advance - Hearts, Hugs, Smiles and Kisses

Sheryl and "The Paddle Steamers"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

craft labs at Sydney S&C show

Title. Make a Fun and Furry Animal Greeting Card
Level. All Welcome - Class suitable for adults and children (4+)
Price. $12 (Includes all materials)
Duration. 45 Mins
Description. Choose a design from the selected twospoonfulsofsugar make-me kit range, to cut, paste and glue your imagination into a fun and furry handmade greeting card. So bring your crafty creative self down to the craft lab to help share a smile.

#2 - Wed 14th - (option: make a duck or horse card)
#2 - Thurs 15th - (option: make a frog or pig card)
#2 - Fri 16th - (option: make a cat card)
#2 - Sat 17th - (option: make a frog or pig card)
#2 - Sun 18th - (option: make a duck or horse card)

To pre-book this craft lab telephone 0404 408 285

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

giveaway tickets and craft lab class

To celebrate our involvement in the Sydney Stitches and Craft show next month - I’ve got two free tickets to the show - courtesy of the lovely organisers at Stitches & Craft plus I’m going to throw in two free fun & furry animal card making classes.

To enter just leave a comment below and/or tweet "I wanna win Stitches & Craft show tix and a fun and furry card class from Twospoonfulsofsugar" @sharessmiles"

*winners will be notified end of march.

Monday, March 8, 2010

new location - Sydney Stitches & Craft Show

You may have already heard... the Sydney Stitches & Craft Show 14 – 18 April 2010 is at a new venue Australian Technology Park, in Eveleigh - only about 10 mins from the city and Twospoonfulsofsugar are proud to be involved again in the Incubator section @ stand I3.

Every day around lunchtime Twospoonfulsofsugar will be running a card making craft lab (a different animal each day). So remember the dates (Wednesday 14th April - Sunday 18th April) and be sure to pencil in or ask for an extra long lunch break to join in the card making/Stitches & Craft Show fun! I will upload twospoonfulsofsugar's craft lab details in the next few days, along with a few goodies to Win!

x x Sheryl

Its play day - clouds of love

its play day and as you know I have been playing around with this new idea - Clouds of Love - it focus's on the big L-O-V-E of course. the importance of love and no matter what may your life be filled with love.

"when ever we have clouds in our skies, may they only ever be clouds of love"

... or another phrase "the clouds will pass and blue skies will brighten your days" I feel really connected with this design, and truly love the meaning i've created behind it.

we all deserve to be loved, cherished and appreciated and expressing our love for each other is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted - it really is wonderful when people appreciate each other with warm fuzzy moments from the heart.

"may we all have clouds of love in abundance in our life"

I would love to hear your feedback, as if this card is popular and in demand - I will go ahead and produce it, clouds of love is targeted for special occasions such as weddings, valentines day, mothers day, just because days, make-up card, anniversaries, i love you days...and of course to share a warm fuzzy moment with a special someone in our life.

x x S

Friday, February 12, 2010

[ tutorial ] turn-up the robot - FREE make it yourself party invites

turn-up is a robot, he loves partys and dancing – he got his name because, turn-up likes to turn-up the music, jump around and dance with his friends! you can move his arms so he looks like he is doing a robot dance move! to make 4 robot party invites you will need.

materials and equipment
- 2x A4 card (200-250gsm)
- 8x buttons
- 8x (bendy) party straws
- a printer
- tinfoil
- scissors
- glue stick
- double-sided foam tape/ or normal double-sided tape
- celotape
- stapler
if you are colouring in the robot invites yourself, you will also need coloured paint or felt tip pens
step 1 - download and print
download and then print onto A4 (200gsm) card
- download here Outline Robot shapes (for colouring in yourself)

- download here Coloured-in Robot shapes (already coloured in)
- download here Back of the invite

take the invite piece of card and cover the non-printed side all over with glue (make sure you get the edges). roll out enough tin foil to lay your glued card onto, press down hard. cut the invites into 4 (148.5mm x 105mm) pieces. (to help - we have indicated the size for you on the printed side.

step 3 - colouring in shapes
if you chose to colour in your shapes – time to start colouring in! if you chose to print off the already coloured in shapes, move to step 4.

step 4 - cut out shapes
carefully cut out the coloured in robot shapes

step 5 - making the robot arms
take a straw & cut the long ends off, leaving 15mm of straw either side of the bend. at one end stapel the straw together. following these instructions - make the other arm, with another straw. repeat for other robots arms. now celotape each arm onto the back of your robot shapes. as pictured. note (the bend is your robots elbows - so he can move his arms around and dance)

step 6 - sticking your robot to invite
take your double-sided foam tape and per shape, cut 4 pieces 20mm long and stick them to the back of your robot shape. as pictured.

step 7 - adding your robots dancing feet
take the buttons and dab some glue onto oneside. stick them onto the robot shape for his roller skating dancing feet!

you have just made your party invites! yey! now you have to choose who is coming to your robot party. fill in the details on the back and give/send them out.

important note: These robot invites have been designed and made for your personal use only and may not be reproduced to sell or make a profit from. Thanks.

enjoy x x

Thursday, February 11, 2010

turn up the robot party theme ideas

I have had a big demand for the " make it yourself - robot party invites" which where made for the living creatively website late last year, there site is currently down and in the process of being rebuilt... i think... there must be alot of "robot birthday parties on the horizon this coming month"... so cause i am super nice....I will put up the tutorial up here on my blog so people can download and make at there own free will. below I have also added to the robot party theme a few suggestions for your super cool party "robot dress-up and decoration ideas, you might like to try! have fun!

robot party dress-up and theme ideas
a robot party would be so much fun, getting all dressed-up - covering yourself in silver face pant and turning an old cardboard box into your robot body by cutting holes out for your body and arms then doing the robot dance moves to some funky tunes... and wouldn't it be great to use oil cans for drink containers (ones that haven't been used before of course), tin cans to decorate, make a "tin robot" centre piece for the table, put some flowers in, serve chips and lollies. also cheese graters make nice mood lighting with a candle inside, silver mind is filled with so many ideas..(above are a few pics I have found on the internet)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

clouds of love

I have been working on some new designs, as I mentioned in a few previous posts. One is a card focusing on the big L word! I'm just in time for valentines day - so a special someone might be getting a test version...if he's lucky!

This is a test of a similar design for my cousins wedding card - who is getting married next week. As I said, its based on LOVE.

The meaning and message behind it is: "when ever there are clouds in your skies, may they only ever be clouds of love". The design will be "furred up and amended in due course! But for now I wanted to share with you the screen printed version on a delicious recycled fleck paper stock!

What do you think? Comments welcome :P

x x x Sheryl

PS: Please remember all Twospoonfulsofsugar designs are all copyright protected and originally thoughtout, designed and illustrated by myself.