Monday, March 8, 2010

Its play day - clouds of love

its play day and as you know I have been playing around with this new idea - Clouds of Love - it focus's on the big L-O-V-E of course. the importance of love and no matter what may your life be filled with love.

"when ever we have clouds in our skies, may they only ever be clouds of love"

... or another phrase "the clouds will pass and blue skies will brighten your days" I feel really connected with this design, and truly love the meaning i've created behind it.

we all deserve to be loved, cherished and appreciated and expressing our love for each other is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted - it really is wonderful when people appreciate each other with warm fuzzy moments from the heart.

"may we all have clouds of love in abundance in our life"

I would love to hear your feedback, as if this card is popular and in demand - I will go ahead and produce it, clouds of love is targeted for special occasions such as weddings, valentines day, mothers day, just because days, make-up card, anniversaries, i love you days...and of course to share a warm fuzzy moment with a special someone in our life.

x x S

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