Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Toadstool Rattles

I'm so into Toadstools right now & loving my new creation. How neat are these little handmade Toadstools.

Down at the Twospoonfulsofsugar farm, I've been playing with a few of these guys. I don't have a sewing machine though so its a long procedure “handsewing each stitch" - "I am on the look out for a cheap sewing machine, so I can experiment a bit "faster" though.

So...a few of my lovely friends are about to be mummies or are going to be “newbie mummies” and I wanted to give them something special that I have handmade but also relates to babies of course and me and cuteness and smiles. So the idea popped into my head... a Toadstool Rattle would be a very cute idea.

Here are a couple of my finished pieces. They have little bells inside so they go ding, ding, rattle, rattle when they are shaken... I could'nt resist poking them in the garden this afternoon for a quick little photoshoot to share with you all to enjoy and inspire.

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