Wednesday, February 10, 2010

clouds of love

I have been working on some new designs, as I mentioned in a few previous posts. One is a card focusing on the big L word! I'm just in time for valentines day - so a special someone might be getting a test version...if he's lucky!

This is a test of a similar design for my cousins wedding card - who is getting married next week. As I said, its based on LOVE.

The meaning and message behind it is: "when ever there are clouds in your skies, may they only ever be clouds of love". The design will be "furred up and amended in due course! But for now I wanted to share with you the screen printed version on a delicious recycled fleck paper stock!

What do you think? Comments welcome :P

x x x Sheryl

PS: Please remember all Twospoonfulsofsugar designs are all copyright protected and originally thoughtout, designed and illustrated by myself.

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A Life So Peachy said...

This is lovely, very pretty indeed! Jess xx

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