Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thoughtful treats for Mum this mothers day - that dont cost lots!

Our aim is to make mums day special and we can do this by being really thoughtful, caring and making her day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible...it doesn't need to cost lots...Here are a few things that I've found make my mum smile...Maybe they'll make your mum smile too!
Give her Flowers - Pick your own flowers out of the garden and then arrange them in one of mums nice vases or find some flowers that are in season (they are always cheaper to buy if they are in season!) Flowers that are in season at the moment (NSW, Australia): Tulip, hyacinth, daisy, daffodil, camellia, azalea, sweet pea, rhododendron, jasmine, flannel flower, magnolia, lilac, lily-of-the-valley, primrose, mimosa, jasmine, buttercup, marigold, lavender, lilac, Cornflower, forget-me-not, bluebell.... just to name a few!

Make her breakfast in bed or morning tea - and put one of the flowers you picked through the handle of her cup!

Offer to help her out around the house or clean her car

Go for a walk together - in the park or at the beach

Paint her a picture

Make her a "handmade by you" card! - Write some nice words inside about why you love her...She will treasure it forever....and she'll love it a million times more because its made by you! I promise.

What ever you do - make her smile. X x Sheryl