Monday, October 11, 2010

Wrap-up of the Sydney Children's Festival's Fun'n'Furry workshops

Fun'n' I mentioned in earlier posts these last two weeks I have been having loads of fun running a few fun'n'furry storybook making workshops at the Sydney Children's festival at CarriageWorks. To be honest I think I had just as much fun as the kids did, and....I think a few parents/grandparents enjoyed themselves, just a wee bit too!

My fav part after making the storybooks with the kids, was watching their imaginations kick-in. One of the parents said to me "listen"...I stopped, watched and listened....the room went from laughter and chatter to sudden silence as the kids thinking caps clicked-on as they begun to create their stories and illustrations inside their books.

we had a : mooey, cleo, butterfly, thomas....the list goes on.... and the story writting and illustrations were so very creative in both workshops. Everyone went home with a smile on there faces and I think a wee bit exhausted from an action packed day at the festival. I bet they all (even the parents) slept well that night.

In my case "pictures speak louder than words", so.... here are a few snap shots taken from the fun'n'furry dog and cow storybook workshop!

(To view pics bigger click on image)

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Clare McLeod said...

Beautiful. What a wonderful thing to do!