Monday, September 28, 2009

Get ready! The guys are getting dressed up for christmas!

I'm very excited to show you a sneak preview of the adorable Fritz the Dog and Mr Kola the Koala dressed up in Santa Hats and Dauwng the Kanagaroo dressed up in his reindeer Antlers. This Christmas you will be able to purchase all Twospoonfulsofsugar characters in either a Santa Hat or Antlers for christmas.

Also! Santa Hat and Antler makeme kits can be brought to be added to Twospoonfulsofsugar's original Make-me Craft kits, if your wanting to make a card yourself for your friends and family.

I am hoping to have them live to purchase on my website in the coming weeks...also on Twospoonfulsofsugar Etsy store...Keep an eye out on my blog here though, as I will be blogging on the christmas collection once live!

Monday, September 7, 2009

'we brake for cake' scavenger hunt

Yesterday, I grabbed a few friends and had a very adventurous day on our bikes doing the 'we brake for cake' scavenger hunt organised by Rocket fuel. What an awesome idea and day!
A full on race cycling all over Sydney...from Paddington to Milsons Point to Newtown (my team and I missed out Newtown) as we ran out of time.... G wiss exhausting, but lots of fun and giggles and plenty of Toots! Whoops. Check out the pics and more details about the event on Rocketfuels blog!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tutorial: Turn-up the Robot Party Invites

Recently I was asked by Living Creatively to design a project for them. I have a thing for Robots at the moment - so I decided to design some Do-It-Yourself R-O-B-O-T party invites.

I thought a robot party would be so much fun, getting all dressed-up - covering yourself in silver face pant and turning an old cardboard box into your robot body by cutting holes out for your body and arms then doing the robot dance moves to some funky tunes... and wouldn't it be great to use oil cans for drink containers (ones that haven't been used before of course), Tin cans to serve chips and lollies, cheese graters with a candle inside for mood lighting, silver balloons...My mind is filled with so many ideas..

OK...Back to the party invites.... so, this is Turn-up the robot, he loves party's and dancing – He got his name because Turn-up likes to turn up the music, jump around and dance with his friends! You can move his arms so he looks like he is doing a Robot dance too! Here is the link to the FREE project "o) Enjoy!

Happy crafting, dancing, partying and smiling :o)

x x Sheryl

PS> Your children may love to make these for there next birthday party - they are cheap to make and a great way to encourage creativity – if you do make some I would love to hear how they went, so please feel free to leave a comment or email pics :o)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun quotes to write in your fun and furry greeting card!

I have recently had a number of people ask about funny messages or quotes to go inside our fun and furry greeting cards, it got me awhile back a friend and I had sat down and brain stormed a few... So I thought I would share with you some of them.
- - - -
“You’re that age already? Udderly ridiculous! Happy Birthday.” (cow card)
- - - -
"Will you be my prince?" (frog card)
- - - -
Here comes another birthday...better duck." (duck card)
- - - -
Jumping around OZ like a Kangaroo! Lovin it! (kangaroo card)
- - - -
Hope you enjoy the roll in the mud (spa) (pig card)
- - - - were barking mad to marry him in the first place." (dog card)
- - - -
Come home soon, I can't bear you being away." (koala card)
- - - -
Get well soon...Won't be long till you're back in the Saddle." (horse card)

What the duck? You are Quackers, Enjoy your Waddle! (duck card)
- - - -
I happen to think you're purrrrrrrrfect." (cat card)

Please feel free to add some more by leaving a comment :o)