Friday, October 1, 2010

Start. During. Halfway through the SCF

Just got home from our first workshop at the Sydney Children's Festival....and it was an entirely SOLD OUT event. Woohoo! The imagination packed, fun'n'furry frogs and horses storybook workshop had some very inspiring up and coming (artists) what creative talented kids. The energy and hype from those kiddies must of rubbed off on me..I am buzzing! Was so much fun!!!

My silly camera died so missed out on capturing the energy and fun. Will make sure my camera is fully charged for next weeks workshop, so we have some pics to share with you guys, but hey if you have kids book them into our thursday workshop it is granted fun. Im just excited!!!

I also went along to the "Sneak Peak" opening day of the Sydney's Children's festival on Saturday! So much Fun to be had! WOW-Giant Babies, Tweeting Plants,Typewriters that letters turned into flying bugs....and heaps more fun things....Shame my little mate (who was ment to be coming along with me) was sick and could not make it along (hope she is feeling better now)
So the festival officially started on Monday. We ran our storybook making workshops this thursday (30th Sept) and next thursday (7th Oct) don't forget to book, you can book through the Sydney Children's festival website here

If you know of anyone with kiddies in Sydney, highly recommend going along to the festival a load of imagination, creativity and fun and there is loads of free things too! So a cheap day out. I wish I had little ones to take along to join in and enjoy all that fun.

x Sheryl

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