Friday, February 12, 2010

[ tutorial ] turn-up the robot - FREE make it yourself party invites

turn-up is a robot, he loves partys and dancing – he got his name because, turn-up likes to turn-up the music, jump around and dance with his friends! you can move his arms so he looks like he is doing a robot dance move! to make 4 robot party invites you will need.

materials and equipment
- 2x A4 card (200-250gsm)
- 8x buttons
- 8x (bendy) party straws
- a printer
- tinfoil
- scissors
- glue stick
- double-sided foam tape/ or normal double-sided tape
- celotape
- stapler
if you are colouring in the robot invites yourself, you will also need coloured paint or felt tip pens
step 1 - download and print
download and then print onto A4 (200gsm) card
- download here Outline Robot shapes (for colouring in yourself)

- download here Coloured-in Robot shapes (already coloured in)
- download here Back of the invite

take the invite piece of card and cover the non-printed side all over with glue (make sure you get the edges). roll out enough tin foil to lay your glued card onto, press down hard. cut the invites into 4 (148.5mm x 105mm) pieces. (to help - we have indicated the size for you on the printed side.

step 3 - colouring in shapes
if you chose to colour in your shapes – time to start colouring in! if you chose to print off the already coloured in shapes, move to step 4.

step 4 - cut out shapes
carefully cut out the coloured in robot shapes

step 5 - making the robot arms
take a straw & cut the long ends off, leaving 15mm of straw either side of the bend. at one end stapel the straw together. following these instructions - make the other arm, with another straw. repeat for other robots arms. now celotape each arm onto the back of your robot shapes. as pictured. note (the bend is your robots elbows - so he can move his arms around and dance)

step 6 - sticking your robot to invite
take your double-sided foam tape and per shape, cut 4 pieces 20mm long and stick them to the back of your robot shape. as pictured.

step 7 - adding your robots dancing feet
take the buttons and dab some glue onto oneside. stick them onto the robot shape for his roller skating dancing feet!

you have just made your party invites! yey! now you have to choose who is coming to your robot party. fill in the details on the back and give/send them out.

important note: These robot invites have been designed and made for your personal use only and may not be reproduced to sell or make a profit from. Thanks.

enjoy x x

Thursday, February 11, 2010

turn up the robot party theme ideas

I have had a big demand for the " make it yourself - robot party invites" which where made for the living creatively website late last year, there site is currently down and in the process of being rebuilt... i think... there must be alot of "robot birthday parties on the horizon this coming month"... so cause i am super nice....I will put up the tutorial up here on my blog so people can download and make at there own free will. below I have also added to the robot party theme a few suggestions for your super cool party "robot dress-up and decoration ideas, you might like to try! have fun!

robot party dress-up and theme ideas
a robot party would be so much fun, getting all dressed-up - covering yourself in silver face pant and turning an old cardboard box into your robot body by cutting holes out for your body and arms then doing the robot dance moves to some funky tunes... and wouldn't it be great to use oil cans for drink containers (ones that haven't been used before of course), tin cans to decorate, make a "tin robot" centre piece for the table, put some flowers in, serve chips and lollies. also cheese graters make nice mood lighting with a candle inside, silver mind is filled with so many ideas..(above are a few pics I have found on the internet)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

clouds of love

I have been working on some new designs, as I mentioned in a few previous posts. One is a card focusing on the big L word! I'm just in time for valentines day - so a special someone might be getting a test version...if he's lucky!

This is a test of a similar design for my cousins wedding card - who is getting married next week. As I said, its based on LOVE.

The meaning and message behind it is: "when ever there are clouds in your skies, may they only ever be clouds of love". The design will be "furred up and amended in due course! But for now I wanted to share with you the screen printed version on a delicious recycled fleck paper stock!

What do you think? Comments welcome :P

x x x Sheryl

PS: Please remember all Twospoonfulsofsugar designs are all copyright protected and originally thoughtout, designed and illustrated by myself.

Friday, February 5, 2010

that inner smile that washes throughout my body when i start to create things

I am dabbling with some new things working on some illustrations, for a yet to be children's book or Zine! Very Exciting - I still have not hundred percent decided, but thought i would start and see where my creativity and imagination takes me. Still early days, but the creative flow is washing in and I sure do enjoy that energy and inner smile that washes throughout my body when i start to create things. so once i am in a proper direction i will share more about my journey with you all.

I really want to put one of my illustrations up to show you! But Im trying to be good and keep it a surprise.

x x Sheryl

so the weekend is nearly here

The Weekend is nearly here, Sydney - Eveliegh Artisans Markets this Sunday between 9 - 3pm! Twospoonfulsofsugar will be there sharing the smiles with our gorgeous furry cards and fun make me craft kits. And of course me in my furry pants that brings giggles to everyones faces! Hopefully we will be in the same spot next to other fellow Brown Owls "Jess from a life so peachy, and Jen from Paper Lion. Its always nice in between the customers to catch up on what new crafting activity everyone has been exploring - or planning to experiment with next.

I just received this pic courtesy of Eveliegh Markets team - from the christmas workshops we did back in December! Was so much fun - so thought id share the memory again with you all...

Twospoonfulsofsugar is planning more workshops this year so will keep this blog, facebook and twitter up to date also I keep an updated list of our where abouts on Twospoonfulsofsugars Stockist page. If you have an event day, fete, fair, library, school art organisation or other that would be interested in having a Make-me craft workshop, please feel free to call or email for more information.

Hope to see you at Eveliegh this sunday, If so pop by and say hello!

x x Sheryl