Saturday, July 31, 2010

be kynd – make someones day

So often in our busy live's we often over look the ones around us and our generous, caring, kind-selves. Our lives could be happier and more fulfilled if we were more caring.
Our days, weeks, months and some times years are taken over and sometimes we take others and our selves for granted.

So this is me doing my bit, sharing with you a few tips on helping make the world a nicer, happier place for us all to live. If you feel good and the people around you feel good - then share it, share a warm smile with someone! and if you don't feel good - do it anyway, smile at someone and i'm sure your smile will not go unnoticed (a smile is infectious remember)!

There are plenty of people out there who don't feel as good as you and are in need of a smile.
By sharing a “ genuine” smile with a loved one, a stranger or showing your appreciation to someone for something they have done! Would mean more to them than you think. Showing that you care, makes the world of difference and sometimes even saves lives.

I thought I would share these helpful "random acts of kindness" tips you could try. so you can act on a random act of kindness today.
# Get back in touch with your neighbours or old friends you haven't seen in awhile, pop by and say hello, even for 5 mins for a friendly catch up. Or if you have new neighbours pop over and introduce yourself say hello, if you would like to make a real impression (bake some scones, cookies and make a afternoon tea moment of it or pick some flowers to share) it might even benefit you somehow!

# Feel out of touch with friends/ family/ community...Do your bit to get back in touch with them.

# Loneliness is not a special event, it happens every day. Receiving a nice card or hand written letter in the mail is a big deal. - it shares a smile & warms the day and sometimes is the highlight of your grandparents week!
# Offer to give someone a helping hand. (this is an (old) but great ad, made in New Zealand for Mitre 10! "Its just nice to help out its in our DNA!"

# If a friend/colleague/partner has had a hard day, be a great friend/partner and offer your listening ear, to talk it over. Talking about a problem half's its weight. Take them out for a coffee or plan to meet up on the weekend for a walk at the beach or park.

# Send a funny card to your partners/friends work with something special written in it, It will make them smile and remind them that you still love them, and still enjoy having a bit of playful fun in your relationship.

# Write a thank you note to your child’s teacher. It will make her/his day, and it would also probably benefit your child. This is also a nice thing for your child to do, teaching your child to show there appreciation, encourages kindness.
.......and.....don't forget to cherish you too! Do something that makes you smile occasionally also! You deserve it!

If you have any “be kynd – make someones day” moments, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

have a lovely day and don't forget to SMILE! x Sheryl