Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tutorial: Turn-up the Robot Party Invites

Recently I was asked by Living Creatively to design a project for them. I have a thing for Robots at the moment - so I decided to design some Do-It-Yourself R-O-B-O-T party invites.

I thought a robot party would be so much fun, getting all dressed-up - covering yourself in silver face pant and turning an old cardboard box into your robot body by cutting holes out for your body and arms then doing the robot dance moves to some funky tunes... and wouldn't it be great to use oil cans for drink containers (ones that haven't been used before of course), Tin cans to serve chips and lollies, cheese graters with a candle inside for mood lighting, silver balloons...My mind is filled with so many ideas..

OK...Back to the party invites.... so, this is Turn-up the robot, he loves party's and dancing – He got his name because Turn-up likes to turn up the music, jump around and dance with his friends! You can move his arms so he looks like he is doing a Robot dance too! Here is the link to the FREE project "o) Enjoy!

Happy crafting, dancing, partying and smiling :o)

x x Sheryl

PS> Your children may love to make these for there next birthday party - they are cheap to make and a great way to encourage creativity – if you do make some I would love to hear how they went, so please feel free to leave a comment or email pics :o)


Bianca de Reus said...

Looks really cute and the party format sounds fun!! I am sure kids will love these!!

Do you want me to get Mickey to check it out and give you feedback??


Anonymous said...

You're so clever! They look great.
I showed my 7 y.o son and he wants a life-size robot friend to play soccer with him. "I'm firing my brother and I'm making a robot," he said happily.
My boys groan when it comes to writing birthday cards...!