Monday, December 14, 2009

all the seats filled with keen, crafty kids!

The sunday before last was the final Eveleigh artisan's market before christmas and as I stated in previous blogs, christmas workshops were arranged for kids and "big kids" to get involved in crafting and creating christmas goodies!
I ran the christmas card making workshop, making the twospoonfulsofsugar kangaroos and koalas and we dressed them up in santa hats and antlers.
I got to the workshop area, and found all the seats filled with keen, crafty kids..., so we got straight in there, cutting, gluing, folding, smiling, getting was so much fun!

All the kids walked away with big happy smiles and their nicely finished "handmade by them" card for their special loved one! Yey! (And yes I am wearing the famous "pig pants")
I got them to sign one of the giant Twospoonfulsofsugar cards and heres what a couple of them said!

I had just as much fun as they did :o)
PS: Twospoonfulsofsugar Make-Me children's craft kits are a fun activity for the school holidays, your child can make a card to give away, or turn it into a story book, write a story about there animal & keep it on there bookshelf! Make-me kits are available in many different animal characters i.e, cow, duck, frog, koala, pig, dog, horse....and more..all are available to be purchased online @ our fully secure online shopping store using Paypal's facilities.

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